Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015

How to Cope with Natural cavities

Are you one of the people with cavities? Cavities are very disturbing appearance of a person. This is because the cavities can cause a bad odor, also trigger a toothache. Hence cavities must be addressed so as not to impact the health of others. Here adala how to cope with cavities that you should do them as follows:

How to Cope with Natural cavities

The first natural ingredients to address the cavities diantanya is dnegan use garlic. Garlic is very effective for use as a medicine toothache. This is because garlic has antibiotic substances kandunga which serves to reduce the pain.

Tamarind seed
The next natural ingredients using tamarind seeds. The way simply by mengsangrai tamarind seeds, then mash until smooth. Then apply the collision on the sore tooth decay.

Tree sap Distance
Plant this one only can we find in rural areas are pretty much used to overcome the pain of cavities. The way is to take the tree sap lau distance tetakkan on your cavities. Let stand briefly, if the pain began to disappear the next rinse until clean.

A few explanations on how to cope with natural cavities. So and good luck!

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