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Shops of Medan Most Visited

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and one of the largest cities in Indonesia. Besides having a lot of tourist attractions, in the city there are also many shopping venues, ranging from the lower class to middle to top.

If you are visiting Medan, Assorted malls and shopping centers can meet various corners of the city. Here shopping in Medan most dikunjngi.

1. Sun Plaza. Shopping place is located on Jl. H. Zainul Arifin no. 7 20152 Medan North Sumatra. Sun Plaza beridiri located in the commercial area in the city of Medan. The building consists of 6 floors and adjacent to the office of the Governor of North Sumatra, Medan Gung Mosque, and Apartmene Cambridge.
2. Plaza Medan Fair. This is one of the shopping malls in Medan built by Singapore architecture with modern concepts. There are many restaurants and cafe traditional food at each floor.
3. Grand Palladium. The location is in Jl. Raden Saleh integrated with Aryaduta Medan hotel and close to the office of mayor of Medan. Unique things that when you visit these shopping areas are you will find many stalls selling a variety of agate.
4. Plaza Millennium. For those of you who have a mobile phone business, Millennium Plaza is the most appropriate place for you. Here is a wholesale mobile phone and computer center of the largest and most complete. Moreover, here too there is a family entertainment with some interesting subordinates.

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